Astafa is a Totem Warrior living in Valorn. After the player character arrives in Valorn and assists the Jun Family Astafa will approach the player character. She informs him that the council of Valorn wants to meet with the PC and find out why they are at Valorn.

Romance Edit

There will be at least 1 erotic scene for both male and female player characters.

Development Edit

After coming up with the main outline of Act III for Roundscape we wanted to come up with a character who would serve as a guide and companion for PC in Act III. Much like Lankin in Act II we figured that such a character would be useful. The design of her character comes from us wanting to have the Goln culture of Valorn be a mix of both Norweigian and Chinese culture. Astafa's body paint originated from the requests of players and the class carries some elements from druidic magic. This magic allows her to change into the shape of animals she has encountered and use their strengths. Astafa was one of the earliest characters created for Act III.