Companions Edit

Companions are playable characters that accompany protagonist throughout the game. There are eleven recruitable companions. Companions have their own attributes, opinions and stories\objectives. You can choose their combat skills and equipment, and they may ask for your help on quests of their own.

There are 12 companions you can recruit into your party over the course of the game. Only three companions at a time can travel with the player, but a full party formation does not prevent the player from recruiting further companions. Once recruited, any companions not chosen to join the party will wait at the player camp.

Companions who are not actively involved in the party will still receive experience and level up with the main character.

Name Race Class Gender Found in
Carys Furry Fighter Shemale* Summeredge
Clawyn Elf Shadowdancer Female Deep Forest
Demoness Demon Succubus Female Oakshire
Galhart Dwarf Warrior Male Novos
Gajah Prelek Shaman Male Veralia City
Katelyn Human Cleric Female Cinkhan
Meredith Human Spirit Mage Female Oakshire
Roderick Staff Demonic Staff Male* Novos
Ruksana Orc Berserker Female Slinsk
Rulwe Monster Creature Unknown Oakshire
Tishtrya Nexillim Janissary Shemale* Ornesse
Zent Human (elf-blooded) Spellbalde Male Summeredge

Temporary companions Edit

They are companion accompanying the protagonist on his journey by only one or more missions and then leave the group.

Name Race Class Gender Found in
Alexandra Human Guardian Female Summeredge (Prologue)
Alistia Human Female Deep Forest
Beatrice Human Paladin Female Unknown (Prologue)

Otherworld 2 choices-

end her suffering or leave and promise a cure yes its the blue lady.

Erika Human Botanist Female Deep Forest
Facis Human Mentor Male Summeredge (Prologue)
Father Human Male Oakshire (Prologue)
Mayla Human Female Castle Whitemoon (Act 3)
Mother Human Female Summeredge (Prologue)
Patch Human Mentor Male Summeredge (Prologue)

Staff/Minor companions Edit

Name Race Gender Task Found in
Jorn Bon Male Builder Castle Whitemoon
Felicia Orc Female Trainer Castle Whitemoon
Alexine Dwarf Female Captain Castle Whitemoon
Minotaur Minotaur Male Blacksmith Novos
Ciiraci Sojarn Nexillim Female Potion vendor Ornesse
Nadesha Minotaur Female Nothing Laroavia
Erika Human Female Botanist Ornesse


Summary of notable non-player characters:

  • Amatum - Found in the hidden cave beneath Castle Whitemoon. +4 Morality for peaceful encounter +6 Morality for breeding.
  • Ayndiud - Ruler of the high elves of Xas. 
  • Facis - Noble PC's butler but also serves as PC's butler once he secures Castle Whitemoon.
  • Seren- Carys' sister.
  • General Titania - General in charge of Elarewyth's military.
  • Lankin - Researcher, historian and adventure extraordinare. Lankin aides the PC through parts of Act II as the PC searches for weapons and armor to defeat Murkhal once and for all.
  • Captain Drust - Prelek sea captain who knows Lankin and helps PC to travel to the tower where Murkhal has set up a base at the Pelok Sea.
  • Zamoxys - Halforc who works for Murkhal before he finds out that the orcs have been betrayed by the Death God.
  • Prince Dashtin - The prince of the royal family of Elarewyth. Depending on the PC's choice at the end of Act II Prince Dashtin may become King Dashtin and return Elarewyth to a true monarchy.

Other NPCs:

Organizations, Guilds and GroupsEdit

  • Ravens of the Storm are a mercenary unit. The Player can encounter them during a quest for Tishtyra in Ornesse. The mercenary company has been hired by the city of Aelburn to deal with the slavers of the Crimson Brotherhood.
  • The Crimson Brotherhood is a group of slavers operating primarily out of Elarewyth. The group is known to take and sell slaves whenever they can. They are ruthless and known to regard strength as the primary attribute of their bosses. While some in the country actively try to stop them most regular people try to just stay out of their way.
  • Royal Family of Elarewyth - The ruling family of Elarewyth abdicated absolute monarchy in place of a limited constitutional monarchy. The ruling family may be placed back in charge if PC supports
  • Matriarchy of Ornesse - Ornesse is ruled by both a Matriarch and her council of Nexillim elders.