If the guide refers to North, South, East, or West it means going to a new area in that direction. If it uses Left, Right, Up, or Down it is referring to in that map area. (Note: Be careful because some are easily miss-able, particularly #59 if you do not go to the inn and see the scene immediately after completing the mini-quest.)

Known ScenesEdit

# Participants location Details
1 PC, Meredith Castle, your room Get some affection on her, I believe 9-11 and she will be waiting in your room.
2 PC, Ruskana Castle, Garden Get some affection on her, I believe 8-10. She will be waiting for you in the back of the castle.
3 PC, Horse Slinsk, Stables Extract the horse cum yourself.
4 PC, Imps Slinsk, Crypt Plunder the grave when the Necromancer asks, take the Imps deal.
5 PC, Nature God Warlock’s Tower Part of Paladin quest. You can get this scene and still corrupt the Nuns if you have the Succubus in your party.
6 PC, Paladins Oakshire, Chapel Got to Chapel and talk to the Paladin. Get quest and complete it report back to Paladin and complete the ritual. (Can’t do Succubus corruption of the Nuns or lose this scene).
7 PC, Elizabeth and Daughter Slinsk, House next to Inn Go to Blacksmith first meet Eli, Go to house get quest. Open the box when you go to get it.
8  ???
9 PC, Ruksana, Ruksana's Uncle Elven Outpost, Outside the Orc Cave Event triggers as you approach. Be impatient and go have a look inside. The full scene may not trigger if Ruskana does not have some affection (4+ did it for me)
10 Meredith, Old Man Oakshire, Oakshire Inn Force or Persuade her to do it. High corruption leads to different scene.
11 PC, Rulwe North of Oakshire, East until you see the Crypt for the Huntress Quest Go north of Oakshire and keep going up to find cabin. Talk with Huntress get quest, go to Crypt, DON’T attack Rulwe.
12 Succubi, Rulwe Castle, Cave Talk with Rulwe, Talk with Succubi, she will offer to let you watch. Hero can also join for extended scene.
13 PC, Ironheart Novos, to the far left and up the stairs Seduce it. Quest is recieved from Smith in town.
14 PC, Clawyn Castle, Main hall Some Affection on Clawyn
15 PC, Sailor Oakshire Inn Just agree to give him a BJ for info on Orcs.
16 PC, Succubi, Nuns Oakshire, Chapel Must have Succubus in party when you do Paladin quest. She will offer you an alternative to becoming a Paladin. Say yes.
17 PC, Orcs Slinsk, Ruksana’s Old camp Enter the middle tent, inside it challenge the orks and lose the fight.
18 Erika, Plant Elven Outpost, Woods to the left of the outpost Erika is to the right, accept her offer go all the way to the top. Don’t attack.
19 PC, Rosie Novos, Right of the entrance house with red roof Help her to break the curse
20 PC, Farmland Witch Summeredge, Farmland After Summeredge finale go to Inn and accept Sandra’s quest. Choose to go after the Witch, then spare and use her.
21 PC, Orc Prisoner Jail, to the FAR West from the Old house Help him release
22 PC, Orks Deep Woods, Orc Cave Become WRATH, agree to ritual.
23 PC, Meredith, Rulwe Castle, Talk to her in Shack With enough affection she will ask you about it.
24 PC, Succubi Castle, Cave in Dungeon Ornesse Sex shop to the right of the shop owner. Walk up to the yellow rod. The first area in Ornesse from Slinsk sailing go to the upper right corner. The Witch is in the cave on the left.
25 PC, Meredith, Horse Castle Have a horse and use it to travel back to Castle scene will trigger. High affection and some corruption needed.
26 PC, Tishtrya, Elder Khajia Ornesse, in sex room below Crystal and Inn Solve the Ornesse main quest, seduce her instead of choosing reward.
27 Meredith OR Ruksana Summeredge, Slums to the west of the fountain Choose either one, Ruksana will enjoy it. Meredith will be corrupted.
28 Ruksana, Horse Deep Woods, Go North hard to miss Help her with her personal quest. Axe is to the left of Novos entrance far left of area look for a rock and four trees and then its below the bottom tree. Staff is in basement of Summeredge College. Horse is in Elven Forest area, north-east of the Elven Village.
29 Tishtrya, Bathhouse Girls Deep Woods, Bathhouse Solve the Tishtrya Desire Quest and give her the potion from the Succubus. Phellum Moss can be gotten at Warlock’s Tower where the Goddess is (The red flower). Mandrake Root can be obtained on Laroavia in the first area after sailing there, midway and near the Upper edge(Four white flowers grouped up).
30 Rulwe, Twilia Summeredge, College Help her with her research, don’t stop the Rulwe.
31 PC, Galhart Castle, in his room Just go talk to him, ask about letter and challenge to drinking match.
32 PC, 15 Orc prisoners Slinsk, Prison far to the west from Slinsk After sucking the one in prison, you will be recruited for an anal/oral only orc prison gangbang. The warden is on the first level in the far left room. You will get this scene as farmgirl, if you work as prostitute too. (Worked for me after visiting Summeredge.)
33 PC, Minotaur North of Veralia, Monstrous Beast Quest Get quest from guard right before exit. Go North and then offer to help him release.
34 PC, 2 Horses Slinsk Stables Owner will ask you to help because he is too busy. Black Horse, Pet him, Give him a BJ.
35 PC, Zent Castle, Lake About 3 affection needed. Go take a bath at the Lake behind the Castle. May have to take several, it randomly triggers. If you want the whole scene make sure to make him stay.
36 Erika, Nexillims Ornesse, Sexshop Have to have done scene 18. Go to Inn in Ornesse get flyer go to sex shop and get permission to go upstairs.
37 PC, Meredith Castle, Cabin out back Go to Ornesse sex shop. Between the owner and the bookshelf on the counter is a white bottle. Interact with it and buy it. Then go to Castle and talk to Meredith about it.
38 PC, Tishtrya, and Carys Ornesse, Inn Complete the sidequest defeating the slavers in Ornesse. Tell Tishtrya about Carys's 'secret'. (Only shows text in The Dream. :/)
39 PC, Tishtrya Camp, In her tent Have some affection and enter the tent.
40 Mayla, Cerberus Unknown Location Act 2, Will trigger as you complete the main quest.
41 Elf Guard, Female Half-Orc Xas, Right from the Palace with the huge crowd Will not trigger unless Ruksana is in your party. Choose to let the Elf continue to unlock scene.
42 PC, Zent Castle, Go talk to him on the wall After scene 35 if you had him eat you out he should bring it up in conversation.
43 PC, Elf Pranksters Xas, Museum After gaining entrance to the museum right above the Crystal go to the left and in the upper right corner of this room is a dresser. Interact with it to move it aside and go in. The dialogue options to get the scene should be obvious.
44 Barn Nun, Bull Oakshire, Barn south from Meredith’s House and then North Get her quest then go back before getting the tablet.
45 PC, Tishtrya, Rulwe Castle, Tent out front Act 2, Go to tent and peek in. Not sure about requirements. Probably a decent Affection with Tishtrya.
46 PC, Clawyn, Meredith Castle, Back of castle, Cabin You need to have some affection on both and some corruption on Meredith. Need Scenes 1 and 14 unlocked. Scene will trigger as you walk to the Cabin.
47  ???
48 PC, Carys Unknown location Solve the mysterious letter quest.
49 PC, Carys Slinsk Pub Act 2, Drink with Carys, defend her then agree to go to her camp. Let things happen.
50 Goblin, TreeEast of Yakotin From Yakotin go South twice, then east, then go past the fortune teller. Use the boat to go to an island. Find a way to get them into a relationship. Get back and forth to unlock scene
51 PC, Ruksana, Horse Castle With about 8-10 Corruption and a horse in inventory ride it back to the Castle scene will trigger. Just accept and go along with the conversation and events.
52 PC, Naga Laroavia, North of Veralia Go far Right in this area she will be in a small alcove. Don’t attack her.
53 Meredith, Demon Sisters Castle, Cave in Jail Act 2, Go there and follow along. Slight differences if she is high Corruption.
54 Ruksana, Hippogriff Deep Woods, Deep Forest(Top East exit from town), Orc Hunter encampment, Far left on the upper side look right above where the water stops

Ruksana needs to have either -3 corruption to unlock this scene.

55 PC, Succubus, Magic Tentacles Castle, Cave in Jail After recruiting Roderick you will find him with your panties on his face. Agree to his revenge scheme.
56 PC, Minotaur Brothers Summeredge, Arena After becoming Champ at the Arena in Summeredge return and talk to Thorkul and his brothers. Beat them all individually, then as a group to unlock the scene. Will need a sparring outfit for the final battle. Need to unlock it once then return later for second part.
57 PC, Calanthe Ornesse, Go from town North twice to first area She should be just inside. If not go out and back in.
58 PC, Erika Castle, Wherever Erika is Act 2, After scene 36 quest a bit then come back and recruit her as either your Botanist or Slave. Botanist will be in shack in back, Slave in upper left of the living area right from the Throne and first door. All the way at the end on the left.
59 Nissa, Clesola Ornesse, Inn Nissa is standing outside the Inn. Solve her quest successfully and then go to the door at the back of the Inn on the right to see the scene.
60 Clawyn, Soul Eater Castle Clawyn will ask you to help her to return to her village to check out some things. Agree and help her. Mid way, she will find her old house and a purple creature (Soul Eater) will spawn. The Soul Eater will show you Clawyn's past. After the flashback, Clawyn is seen entrapped by the Soul Eater, scene begins. You can choose to watch or look away.
61 PC, Ghost girl Castle In act 3, if you see a ghost going around your castle, go back to your room and sleep.

Missing ScenesEdit

# Participants location Details
# PC, Meredith Cinkahn, Specifics Unknown Mentioned in patchnotes 1.1.

Scenes Not in ListEdit

# Participants location Details
# PC, Prostitute Clients Slinsk Pub Only applies to Farmgirl Origin. Find mother in two story house. Go upstairs and open the box. Go to tavern and ask for Adime. Ask to get involved. Talk to the Pub owner for work. (Three scenes I have seen so far).
# PC, Roderick Castle, Jail Talk to Roderick, Ask if there is something you can do for him. Accept, and choose the entrance used.
# PC, Creature(Amatum) Castle, Undercave in Jail When you get the Castle go to Jail and investigate the Chest by the Succubus Cave. Let her stay and ask about her race and if she tried for a mate. Offer yourself.(May have been a bug I could have sworn it unlocked on a previous play through)
# PC, Bathhouse girls Deep Woods, Bathhouse The lower exit on the right from Elven Outpost, follow road and then go straight down from bridge. Have to pay 200 gold to get in.
# PC, Werewolf(male) Slinsk, Inside Well Get the Bounty Hunter quest from the building to the left of the Smith. Let him escape.
# Meredith, Demon Sister (Second Encounter) Castle, In Cabin in the back Happens after scene 53.
# PC, Ruksana Castle, Interrogation Room Act 2, Not sure if scene 27(Ruksana) is needed. Probably since you get a whip from it. Also corruption wouldn’t hurt. She will be in the room.
# PC, Succubus, Waitress Castle, Whitemoon Inn Go inside, talk to her. Look at her.
# PC, Dragon Lady Cinkahn, Church to the West of the Inn Once in look at the floor on the first level. Memorize the pattern and go to the second floor and enter in the code with the pattern. Free the Lady, then demand a reward.
# PC, Minotaur Brothers Summeredge, Arena After unlocking the one in the list you can go back and get a third encounter that is NOT in the list but seems repeatable.
# PC, Crystal Creature Cinkahn, Cinkahn Forest, Bandit cave, East from Jun House and East again Get the quest from the Dock Manager in the building below the guard tower by the docks on the right side. Go stop the bandits, when you get the text DON’T attack them.