Origin story and specifics for a Farmer protagonist. Starting Bonus: Toughness perk.

Background Edit

"The dawn rises on another day. Streams of sunlight streak in through your window, getting into your eyes and rousing you from your sleep. You are the child of a poor farmer and his wife, the first of several siblings, some of whom did not survive past adolescence. Life growing up was not easy, but your time among the elements, bringing the harvest, living out in the wilds, and bargaining and haggling with the numerous tradesmen your father deals with has left you with a keen understanding of the world that few city -folk possess. Life is not easy, or kind, but you could not imagine one away from your family farm. "
Starts with Toughness - your life on the farm was rough but rewarding. You start the game with additional. Health points and an increased defense.

Tips Edit

When going after your father check the bottom of the area (Hidden among the trees), there is a chest there.
When going to your mother's house in Slinsk go talk to her and then go to the second floor, among some boxes there is a chest, open it, go to the tavern, ask for Adime; you can now decide to pay her to stop prostituting herself(you don't lose money) or to take advantage of her.
  • Taking Advantage of your mother will prompt her to tell you to meet her at home where you will have access to her. she will be reluctant to have sex multiple times at first but after a few times you can do as you please.
  • Paying for her to stop working at the brothel will send her home but in ACT II you can go to her house and if you say the right things she will then have sex with you.
  • Female PC can also ask her "how do I join", effectively working as prostitute herself for extra scenes and gold. That will give corruption once, but either working alone or with mother won't increase it any further. Go to sleep or do other quests to be able to work again.

Details Edit

Farmer starting stats: Edit

  • Level: 1
  • HP: 505
  • MP: 90
  • Physical Attack Power: 32
  • Physical Defense: 20
  • Magic Attack Power: 16
  • Magic Defense: 16
  • Agility: 32
  • Perception: 32