Quest Location Trigger Reward
Search for Answers Oakshire Main Quest
Road to Slinsk Oakshire Main Quest
Visit Cassandra! Oakshire Cassandra ?
A Guardian's Task Oakshire The Guardian + Class: Guardian

+ Iron Armor


+ 250 Gold

Revenge Oakshire Linea
Nestro's Task Oakshire Nestro
A Paladin's pledge Oakshire Paladin
Cautionary Tales Oakshire Townswoman
Betrayal (?) Oakshire Strange Old Man
Family Heritage Slinsk Elizabeth
Darkness Within Slinsk Necromancer
Call of Duty Slinsk
Aid for Ly'ras The deep woods Main Quest + 300 EXP

+ 300 Gold

Brother's Savior The deep woods Anariel
Aid for Novos Novos Main Quest + 300 EXP

+ 300 Gold

Hard as Iron Novos Collena
Cursed Rods Novos Roderick
Ice Cold Novos Ice Elemental
Heated Snow Novos Dwarf Barberian
The Red House Novos Rosie
Aid of Ornesse Ornesse Main Quest + 300 EXP

+ 300 Gold

Head for a Dildo Ornesse Nexilim Merchant
The White District Ornesse Nissa
Ancient Desires Ornesse Barmaid
Lost and Found Ornesse Mystic
Descendants Ornesse Matriarch Tevararae
Crysis in Summeredge Summeredge Main Quest
Unseen Problems Summeredge Sandra
Slimy End Summeredge Purpule-haired geek

*must have Rulwe

Undercover (?) Summeredge Royal Agent
An Unknown World Laroavia Gajah
Desire Player Camp Tishtrya
Sticky Delivery Player mines Goo girl
Ritual Player Camp Ruksana

Sub Quests Edit

Sub Quests are minor quests you can get from random NPCs that do not result in a entry under the Quests menu. It is possible these quests will eventually be pulled into the menu as the game is developed.

Nun Rescue Edit

Save the nun from wolves east of Oakshire.


  • +1 Morality
  • 100 gold

Tablet of Galindros Edit

A tablet was stolen from the barn / temple east of Oakshire. The bandit who took it can be found outside the Warlock's Tower, north of Oakshire.


  • 150 gold

Origins Edit

Quest Name Location Trigger
Castle Whitemoon Quest Castle Whitemoon Meet messenger in Oakshire

Castle Whitemoon Quest Edit

Talk to the messenger who appears in Oakshire when you start the An Answer quest. Facis awaits you in Castle Whitemoon.