This wiki is a repository of information and tips about the game Roundscape: Adorevia. Roundscape is a adult-themed fantasy adventure game in 2D with the help of multiple artists. The game was built with RPG Maker VX Ace but then changed to RPG Maker MV; the main storyline is finished but the developers are still adding new content.

Mature Content

Roundscape Adorevia is erotic adventure game centered on a medieval fantasy realm which is decidedly sexual in nature. (Read: Mature Audiences Only) As a natural consequence, this Wiki will undoubtedly also contain mature content. If you are under the legal age in your region, or have a poor opinion of sex, sorcery, semen or any combination of the like, this wiki is not recommended for you.

Screenshoots[edit | edit source]

Quite a few screenshots can be found here although to access the page you must do a good old fashioned google search.

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