Tishtrya is a shemale companion.


Tishtrya was once a Janissary, an elite policing and military order amongst the Nexillims. Tishtrya joins the MC after meeting them during her own investigation into the civil strife tearing her country apart.Tishtrya is an hermaphrodite, she can be picked up as part of the main quest while liberating Ornesse.

Personal QuestsEdit

  • The first quest is about Tishtrya wanting to visit the shrine of her hero Sufet. Sufet was a Janissary who was revered by both friend and enemy alike. To find location of the shrine, go north from the Ornesse 2 times an after that go right.
  • The second quest involves Tishtrya wanting to release some pent up lust she is experiencing. When she finds out about an elven bathhouse that is exclusive to elves she asks the MC to help her sneak in. The MC must create a potion with the Demoness' help
    • The MC will need some Mandrake and Phellum moss
      • The Phellum moss can be found at the warlock tower area (rafflesia flower sprite)
      • The Mandrake can be found at the entrance to the Laroavia area
  • (Female Only Quest) Tishtrya will talk to the MC about an issue in Ornesse concerning some slavers. During this quest PC will meet up with Carys the bounty hunter and deal with a group of slavers.


  • Virulent Poison